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Dr. Romina de Jong

Dean of Academic Affairs, Chair of the Division of General Education

Dr.Romina de Jong received her Ph.D. in Educational Studies in 2013, also has a M.A. in Philosophy of Education and a B.A. in Social Work. She was a visiting scholar at the Stanford School of Education in 2009. She has worked as a cognitive behavioral trainer with convicts with substance use disorders and as a social worker with people with Asperger Syndrome. Her academic research and publications were focused on pre-service teacher education and the teacher-student relationship. In South-East Asia, her work was focused on educational research and management, training, and development of curricula and programs to improve the fit between fresh graduates and the labor market demands. Her expertise in Design thinking stems from her experience as the Engineering Education program manager at Engineers without borders Australia in Cambodia. At Parami, Romina is responsible for evaluating the effectiveness and quality of the Parami programs and planning and improvement of programs through cooperation with faculty.

Dr. Romina de Jong

“As an advocate of education for sustainable development, with its aim “to empower learners with knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes to make informed decisions and take responsible actions for environmental integrity, economic viability, and a just society.” (UNESCO definition), I believe LAS goals are comparable. LAS education provides Myanmar youths the opportunity to develop the kinds of skills, knowledge, and competencies to become life-long learners and empowered, responsible leaders.”

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